Filing Cabinet Smoker DIY Video

Ever wondered how some butcheries smoke their meat? Build your own cold smoker and experience the thrill of creating your own smoked sausages, chicken fillets, pork ribs, pork belly that can be carved into bacon strips etc; etc.

Place a heating source (in our case carbonized Casuarina wood) into the bottom drawer and some wood chips in a bowl above it. The thermometer (pinched off an old gas barbecue) placed halfway up the side of the cabinet indicated less than 50 deg C / 100 deg Fahrenheit consistently for 3+ hours – perfect for a cold smoke. I think briquettes or a single plate electric stove will work even better🔥

The difference between a cold smoke- and other smoking techniques is vast so do your research and decide what system works best for you as a filing cabinet can be converted into both types. Search YouTube and you’ll find many enthusiasts showing off their smokers. Also visit to see how you can turn your smoker into a biltong maker or visit the video directly here. Happy smoking!



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