BKI receives many requests every month for information.

  • Learn HOW to make charcoal.
  • BKI provides information on the TYPES of production equipment available in the market today.
  • Learn about FEEDSTOCKS and which ones are best for making charcoal.
  • Learn the difference between CHARCOAL and BIOCHAR.
  • Learn about the COST of EQUIPMENT.
  • Got charcoal? Want to EXPORT? We can connect you with INTERNATIONAL IMPORTERS of Restaurant Grade charcoal and their SPECIFICATIONS.
  • Need a BAG designed? We can put you in touch with the right people.

BKI now offers a once-off fee of R 2500 ($159 USD) which will grant participants immediate answers to the above questions – for life. Or stagger payments and support us in monthly installments through Patreon! By browsing through this website it will be seen that we are experts in the field of charcoal and biochar production. Click the blue banner to receive an official invoice or  ‘Buy Now’ and be added to our database of people that we have assisted and continue to assist. Get information on marketing techniques to get your charcoal operation profitable from the get-go. Get your VUTHISA Golden Ticket now!

To get an insight into “Charcoal Production Techniques” in South Africa visit this blog post:


Purchasing a ticket also gets you a free bundle of 100 generic charcoal bags, worth ±R 500, delivered to your door. Choose between the 4kg and the 5kg.