We need your help!

Dear friends. This is a request for donations – but before you click away please consider it is not for us but for Gbobètô ONG. This NGO recently established a recycling project in Benin. They work in sustainable urban development and specialize in implementing sustainable economic activities which use waste as a source to improve the living conditions of the local population. The organisation is headed up by Naomi FAGLA MEDEGAN. The project is doing well and we are proud to have supplied them with a RATCHET PRESS:

Unfortunately one of the components failed. We increased the gauge thickness from 5mm to 8mm and reproduced the components at our cost:

We now require $ 145 (USD) in donations in order to courier the components up to Gbobètô in Benin with DHL for her to receive it before Xmas (bonus) or at least in the new year.

An additional $ 250 (USD) is also required to pay for running repairs. Not as urgent and VUTHISA is still liable for this.

We need clients like Gbobètô to test our products in real life situations and often we all learn some valuable lessons. Naomi is an incredible person and she needs all the support she can get.

Kindly drop me a screenshot of your donation no matter how small so I can tally up and update all here once the target has been reached.  Email us on admin@vuthisa.com.


Donations received to date:


(Last update 19 December 2019)

Click on image above or visit this link: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/gbobeto/formulaires/1/widget/en

to donate.





#savethetrees #donate #help


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