New mobile biochar retort south africa

VUTHISA acquired the manufacturing rights to the “Series 2 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit” in South Africa, originally developed by Pyrolitech Carbon Offsetzone, Queensland, Australia. 

Introductory video: 

This unit is completely mobile – in contrast with our low-tech RING17, RING20 and BKI MINI MASON models.  Many clients have asked for a more high-tech option/solution that can produce wood vinegar and this model checked all the boxes. 

Capacity/Yield: The unit holds more than 1.3M3 of biomass and converts it into valuable products such as biochar, bio-oil and wood vinegar. The 1300+ litres retort volume translates to around 600 litres of lump biochar out. Then when crushed, produces approximately 250 to 300 litres of biochar. No need for quenching, so it’s very light and easy to work with.

Note: The weight of biomass can vary from softwood, hardwood logs to bamboo, and moisture content also varies. Depending on size of limbs and air gaps between branches it is better to talk in terms of volume only, and biochar can weigh more on a humid day. Often times clients prefer biochar to be mixed with water in order to inoculate it and protect the microorganisms so weight will vary. Due to the presence of water, and evaporation that occurs naturally and for the sake of consistency, biochar should never be sold on a weight basis.

Co-firing: It comes equipped with an LPG connection to start the fire in the firebox but LPG is just an optional extra ‘nice to have’.

Mobility: The unit comes on skids and castors can also be fitted. Trailer not supplied, but it fits on any 7 x 5 ft (2.1 x 1.5m) trailer.

License: The design is under international copyright, which is documented in the drawings and the license unlocks full CAD drawings in a format to suit the CNC plasma/oxy cutting equipment at our local manufacturer in Pietermaritzburg.

Support: The unit comes with an Operating Manual, Assembly instructions, Maintenance tips and a Run procedure.

Delivery time: 6 weeks

Cost: If anyone would like a quotation in the new year please get in touch. Not until our manufacturer takes delivery of the plans will we have an idea of cost, but VUTHISA believes it will be priced competitively. 

If anyone is interested in operating this technology outside of South Africa we are quite happy to provide their contact details. VUTHISA will however be manufacturing this kiln soon and will be able to ship /air freight it to almost any country outside of South Africa. 

Download the CALC SHEET to show costings here:

Contact: Kobus+27788189330 WhatsApp

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