Google SketchUp – Free 3D Design Software Tutorial – Part 1 Beginners

In this HD quality YouTube video tutorial we show you how to use the basic drawing and navigation tools on Google SketchUp Free or Pro version. Learn to use the Move/Copy-, Line draw-, Orbit-, and Push-pull tools. We teach the importance of grouping objects and finally how to save to PNG and to older SketchUp versions for sharing with collaborators owning older versions.

You can download the latest version of Sketchup for free here:

The Pro version is for companies wanting to export high definition 3D to 2D documents through StyleBuilder and LayOut, create video walk-throughs or users that wish to export 3D models to CAD in Stl, Dwg and Dxf formats.

The following people will find this easy to use application very useful:

  • Graphic designers
  • Game designers
  • Architects
  • General contractors
  • Landscape designers
  • 3D printers
  • Furniture designers
  • Small Business Owners

If you are from South Africa we can send you a quotation to buy the latest Pro version and guide you through all the options, which we sell for the same price as quoted online, converted to ZAR. We will ensure that your end user license is also registered with Trimble. Contact us here:

Please support us on Patreon!: Any support would be very helpful. Of course our videos will always be free to watch. Donations would be extremely helpful as we do not yet qualify for monetization. 🙂 Check out our Patreon page for reward Tiers!

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