Development books delivered to your door

Bookshop for development workers, Farm owners, Teachers, Scholars, Homeschoolers, NGO's and anyone interested in How-To books (Beekeeping, Candle making, Woodworking, Practical guide to solar photovoltaic systems, Gardening for better nutrition etc), Energy (Adapting to climate change, Sustainable land use, Kyoto Protocol’s CDM etc), Finance (Microfinance, Enterprise development, Bookkeeping tips, Fund-raising etc) to Education (Design and Technology, Recycling, Low-cost printing etc). Community development handbooks for humanitarian agencies. The books are delivered to your door anywhere in the world for around £2.

By Vuthisa

With more and more communities having access to the Internet it would make sense to create a facility through which they can order informative books to assist them in their day to day lives. Unfortunately limited bandwidth and a lack of color printers means that e-books often remain either unattainable or less than adequate for their needs. It is therefore refreshing to learn that Development Bookshop delivers books fresh off the printing press and in full color to ALL parts of the world. Vuthisa therefore supports the Development Bookshop and we created this page that can only be described as having a portal to your own online personal library. Development Bookshop is operated by Practical Action Publishing and offers a wide range of titles (over 1,500) on international development and related issues by various authors and publishers. Topics range from Agriculture and Food Security, Building and Construction, Disasters and Emergencies, Economic Development, Education, Energy, Environment, Climate and Sustainability, Indigenous Knowledge, Manufacturing to Micro-finance to name just a few.

They offer a full delivery service worldwide and each year, despatch over 20,000 books to more than 100 countries. I include some titles below to give an idea of what is available and could be considered my favorites. Happy reading!

We have added a new section at the bottom of our Bookshop page for new book titles relevant to sustainable living and environmental matters, not offered by Development Bookshop.


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