Popular Mechanics Inventors Conference 2009

Vuthisa will be exhibiting their concept stoves at the Popular Mechanics Inventors Conference at the School for Tourism and Hospitality Management conference facility, Auckland Park, Johannesburg on 25 and 26 September 2009.  Entrance to the exhibit area is open to the public and is free.

The conference facility is in Bunting Road, visit the link above for directions.

**Update (2/10/2009)**

Approximately 140 delegates attended the conference and it was a truly rewarding experience.  There was a common theme throughout most of the presentations, namely: to be successful most businesses have to be innovative, but many inventors lack a basic understanding of the process involved in developing their product from patent, prototype through to commercialization.  Often entrepreneurs would spend too much money during the initial stages without testing the market.

See this Facebook site for images of the conference:

**Update (12/03/2010)**

Looks like the promised video taken of presentations at last year’s inventors conference will not materialise, so I have decided to publish my own notes taken at the conference.  Click here to download my PDF containing some pearls of wisdom offered up by some of the presenters.  Not bad note keeping considering they insisted on dimming the lights down at the start of every presentation!  These are just points that stood out for me personally, and there are many more lectures and products that are not contained here.

Or click on the download below.


Looking forward to the next one!

Email: venfory@iafrica.com


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